Weekend Wallpaper

Fraser Smith 2020-03-27
_Welcome to my new weekly series featuring my free wallpapers. To kick-off the series, I'm featuring one of my most recent photos._ What is a wallpaper? The quick answer is that a wallpaper is an image that you choose as your desktop background. However, it isn't quite that simple. Some images are more suitable than others. Here are my thoughts on what makes a good desktop wallpaper. Depending on your platform and configuration, your desktop may be cluttered with icons or it may be empty. It's probably somewhere in between. Regardless, if you have icons on your desktop, you need to be able to read the label and work out what the folder or document is called. This leads to my only rule for wallpaper creation. The image should be simple enough that icon text is readable and isn't obfuscated by an over-busy background. This week's example illustrates my point. While it's quite a detailed image, the blue areas have low enough contrast that they won't interfere with icon labels. I captured this last weekend on a walk through the French Concession in Shanghai. I wasn't paying attention, but the area of white, where the blue-grey paint had flaked off caught my eye in passing. I doubled back and took a quick snap. Once I got home, all that I did to process it was to crop to 16:9 ratio and add a slight vignette. This wallpaper, and all of my other wallpapers, is available for free download. You can view the whole set [here](https://tramfishers.com/wallpapers).

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